Zakeke News June 2017

Welcome to the post on Zakeke updates. During June, we have worked on several new big updates we hope will help you grow your business!

New pricing

Zakeke is now available with two plans. You can choose between a forever-free plan, ideal for stores with less than 10 customizable products, and a Premium plan to get more features, no installation cost and only pay a transaction fee on actual sales. Value of transaction fee decreases as your sales increase. You can calculate your Premium pricing here.


We know that choosing an e-commerce platform is not easy, it depends on technical and other issues and your real needs. Whatever your choice, we want to support you. That’s why we keep developing plug-ins for new e-commerce platforms.

The plug-in for WooCommerce has been developed with the same spirit as ever: empowering e-stores to offer product customization without asking to change processes. Whatever is your product and process, Zakeke will support your business.

Get started with Zakeke on your WooCommerce store.

Advanced pricing options in the back-office

Sometimes price of a customized product depends on several factors and price definition can be very complex. How much does it cost a corporate gadget with a 5 colors logo? Customers need to calculate the cost of the cliché, consider a different price based on the quantity, calculate the price for the different colors, … and get confused about the final price. Why let your customers to have a bad user experience instead of offering them a real-time interaction with product 3D preview and automatic end-price calculation based on the rules you’ve set in the back-office?

Zakeke is now able to learn these rules and apply them transparently, automatically and in real time, always providing the correct price for the customized item.