Sell customizable products through Zakeke + Printful integration

Zakeke is a product customizer that brands and retailers can integrate with their store to offer their customers visual product personalization. It features a powerful toolkit to allow customers to personalize products with texts and images or create their own designs.
Zakeke is a cloud service and features direct integrations with most popular ecommerce platforms. It supports over 90 languages and 50 currencies.
The platform is totally flexible and customizable according to the user’s needs. Merchants are free to import any product from their store and set it up for customization by defining print areas, product sides, variations and prices. They can also disable certain personalization tools on the user interface, upload their own fonts, create clipart and images galleries and define format and quality of the print output.
Zakeke is now integrated with Printful to offer a one-stop solution for retailers who want to offer personalized products with home delivery at their websites.
This blog post covers the basics of how the integration works and how to connect Zakeke and Printful.

An Introduction to Zakeke + Printful integration

Zakeke allows merchants to import products from their store and set them up for personalization at their websites. Printful is now integrated as product supplier within Zakeke: merchants are no longer obliged to have their own inventory of products and can start selling customizable products in no time.
Thanks to the integration between the two services, merchants can choose a product among the dozens of items in Printful catalog, select sizes and variations and put it blank on the store. Shoppers will be able to personalize it through Zakeke by adding texts, images, clipart and artworks and place their order. Printful automatically gets the order along with print files. Product gets made and shipped to the customer.

Easy and quick solution to offer product personalization on your Shopify store and engage your customers with an unique “design-your-own” experience!
For now, integration works only for Shopify stores, but it will be ready for WooCommerce soon.

How to set up Printful products in Zakeke

The first thing you need to do is to install Zakeke app in your Shopify store. Once the app is installed, you can start importing products from Printful catalog and make them customizable at your website. Zakeke walks you through the process. The steps are as follows:

  • Get Zakeke app from Shopify marketplace and subscribe a plan – Zakeke is totally and forever free for up to 3 customizable products in your store!
  • Click on “Product configuration” and then select Printful as supplier.
  • Connect your Printful account to Zakeke by copying your Printful API key in Zakeke – just follow the link “click here” and you’ll be automatically redirected to the right page in Printful website to copy the API keys. Make sure to enable the API key otherwise the services won’t connect! Please note: if you don’t have a Printful account yet, you need to create one in order to use their services.
  • Browse the Printful catalog.
  • Choose the customizable product that you wish to offer at your website, select sides, sizes, colors and set up price – if you already are a Printful user, this part will be very familiar to you because it includes the same steps you take in Printful to configure a product. Of course, you won’t be asked to upload or make a design on the product as it will be done by your customers!
  • Click ok and wait a few seconds for the product to be created – a new product will appear on your store with a “customize” button.
  • that’s it! You’re now selling customizable products on your store. Congrats!

How your customers personalize the product at your store?

Zakeke empowers your store with a full set of customization tools to engage your customers in a complete and immersive “design-your-own” experience. They are now able to add texts, images, artworks and create their own designs to personalize the product and make it unique!
By clicking on “customize” on the product page, they enter the customizer.

In particular, your customers can:

  • Add text, change color and font, change style, and make it curved.
  • Upload images, logos or artworks from their computers, Facebook or Instagram. They will have their own gallery of images.
  • Choose and add clipart from the galleries.
  • Move, resize, rotate and delete each element.
  • Choose among over 50 image filters and editing tools to modify the images that they upload.
  • Select product sides and change color.
  • Duplicate, flip or move forward/backward texts and images.
  • Use help tools such as zoom, image alignment and guides.
  • Share their designs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.
  • And have a real-time 3d view of the customized item!

Zakeke supports real-time 3d view of the object. You just need to add a 3d model of your product and configure it to have a perfect matching between the product mockup and the 3d preview. Try it on this mug!
To enable 3d view, do as follows:

  • Go to “products” section in your Zakeke admin panel.
  • Select a product.
  • Click “next” and go to the 3D uploading step.
  • Upload the 3D model and materials and textures if any.
  • Follow instructions and save.
  • That’s it!

Why is valuable selling customizable products?

People have unique tastes and needs. They want play a primary role in the designing of the products that they are going to use. Many brands and retailers, even the largest ones, all over the world are enabling live product personalization at their websites and discovering the value of letting their customers create their own unique products. Personalization is one of the keywords in the e-commerce industry (and not only…).
So, why is valuable to sell customizable products?

  • Product customization helps retailers boost sales on their e-stores and get more satisfied and valuable customers. In fact, people are willing to pay a premium price for tailor-made products and this added value is usually pure gain for merchants.
  • Personalization increases customer loyalty: studies reveal that customers who had customized a product online engage more with the company, they visit its website more frequently, stay on the page longer and are more loyal to the brand. They have a reason to buy through that website as opposed to a traditional store.
  • Customization also helps merchants to stay out of the crowd by differentiate their products from those of other websites at a time when the Internet has made really easy for customers to compare the prices of standard products.
  • It allows merchants to know more about their customers’ needs and tastes. Those information can be very useful to improve also the offer of standard products.

Ready to start selling customizable products?

Hopefully, this blog post gave you all the info you need to start selling customizable products through Zakeke and Printful integration. Now Zakeke integration with Printful will make it easier for you to start and remember that you won’t need any extra effort or cost to start:

  • No product inventory
  • No need to buy printing machines
  • No setup cost for software, coding, servers, hosting, …only sign up with both Zakeke and Printful
  • Quick and easy product set up with no need to configure print areas and sides, upload images, and define print outputs
  • Automatic process to send orders to Printful
  • No worries about packaging, labeling and deliveries

Already using Zakeke + Printful? Share your experiences with us!

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