Zakeke News July 2018

Welcome to the post on Zakeke updates.

Foreground elements

When creating a pre-made design you can now set foreground images or texts. It means that those elements will be always on the top layer and won’t be possible for users to cover them with other images or texts.

In order to do it, when you add an image or text to a template, just check “always on top” as you see in the image here below.


You can use this feature for different aims, including texture effect or put bleed lines on a product.

See here below as this feature is used to have a texture effect on a doormat!


BigCommerce app

Zakeke is now available also for BigCommerce merchants!

Zakeke is now BigCommerce partner with a connector that enables BigCommerce merchants to integrate Zakeke with their stores:

  • No need to register: Zakeke natively integrates with your account on BigCommerce.
  • Support all advanced BigCommerce functionalities such as multi currency and bulk pricing.

Start by visiting our page on BigCommerce App Store.

Add-ons to extend Zakeke

We’re happy to announce that we just released add-ons to extend Zakeke with new features and helpful tools. You can access it from your Admin panel by clicking on “Addons” in the backoffice menu.

First available add-on allows your Zakeke to support PDF and EPS uploading by your customers! If you have this addon installed, when your customers click on “upload file” to personalize your product they are able to choose both images and pdf and eps files. This is because many times customers have ready artworks on high quality files and they just want to apply it on the product without designing it from scratch. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

Zakeke + Printful for WooCommerce

Big news: integration with Printful is finally available also for WooCommerce merchants!

Thanks to this improvement, also WooCommerce retailers are now able to let their customers personalize Printful products at their website!

How it works:

  1. when adding a product in Zakeke, choose Printful as supplier.
  2. choose a product to import from their catalog and add it to your store.
  3. your customer personalize that product through Zakeke at your store.
  4. order gets sent automatically to Printful along with design files.
  5. product gets made and shipped to your customer by Printful.

Cliparts galleries

A long and often requested improvement has just landed: you now can define your own categories and sub-categories for images and cliparts! You can also upload, move and delete cliparts in bulk

Duplicate pre-made template on different products

You are now able to duplicate a pre-made design on different products.

A pre-made design is a template with text and images that your customers can edit according to the restrictions that you set (examples: no editable text, no resize, no move, replaceable images, …). Pre-designed templates are associated with a product. From now, you can design a template and associate it with more than one product and you can also modify it when applied to another product.

The products on which you want to duplicate a pre-designed template must have same configuration, it means:

  • same number of sides and print areas
  • same size and position of print area
  • same variations

Suggested procedure:

  1. Create a product with blank print area.
  2. Duplicate it (you can do it at the end of the configuration wizard when you’re asked to save the product to go live)
  3. Go to “pre-designed templates” section and choose the product that you’ve created at step 1.
  4. Design the template and click on “save and duplicate” to apply it to duplicated products created at step 2.
  5. If the two products do not have same confiuguration, you won’t be able to apply the template. That’s why we suggest to duplicate a product first, it will ensure that the two products have the same configuration.


From now on you can use PayPal as payment option for Zakeke.

Image upload size limit up to 50 MB

If you’re on a premium plan your shoppers have now a higher size limit for uploading images. They are now allowed to upload images up to 50 MB.