Zakeke News August 2018

Welcome to the August 2018 release of Zakeke.

CMYK support

We’ve released a new add-on to support CMYK color system for printing files!

PDF printing files generated by Zakeke with the use of with this add-on will be converted to CMYK, with the ability to provide your own ICC color profile.

Improved 3D configuration

Improved 3D preview configuration thanks to new material handling and a redesign of 2D / 3D mapping that scales to complex models.


Low quality image warning and other messages

A long and often requested improvement has just landed: you can create and manage messages and alerts to show your customers in the customizer. In particular, you can have a custom message:

  • when your customers open the customizer
  • when they add to cart the customized item
  • when they upload a low quality image

You can access the message manager by clicking on “Messages and alerts” in the side navigation menu.

The big improvement is that you can have hide the red !warning message for low quality images or make it dismissible by your customers! See picture here below.


CSV import V2

Import from csv has been improved with multi language support and the ability to import print areas from png files.

Furthermore, a new API for CSV has been made available that allows to import large catalogs thanks to an asynchronous architecture.

PrestaShop 1.7.4 and WooCommerce 3.4 support

Zakeke added the support to the latest version of PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

Improved integration with the WooCommerce ecosystem

The Zakeke plugin has extended the ability to interact with many other plugins on WooCommerce, allowing you to get the most out of WooCommerce’s open source ecosystem.